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Beginners, students and those requiring simple sites will find this group of companies exceptional and fun. These templates may be used for business, personal or school course study. Even though they are free you will find many of the templates here are of fair quality and relatively easy to use.

These templates have been used by many schools and businesses and should be a fine way to get started with FrontPage.

Free Templates Description
Free FrontPage Templates Great for beginner web designers and university or college students. These templates can yield professional results in the right hands.
Jake's Free FrontPage Templates These are simple to use and mainly for hobby or personal websites. They are sample templates sent to FrontPage-templates.org by Jake's Web Design Company.
KEPinternet A couple of very simple themes. If you are not familiar with themes you could learn visually from these.
MytArtsDesire Very well done evaluation templates. Each requires a link to the designer site in exchange for use.

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